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  • The SC Chamber is hosting a pilot of B-Unbound.

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    How do we, as youth and adults, find meaning in our lives?

    How do we overcome the isolation and lack of purpose that so many of us feel?


    B-Unbound is a community platform-- built upon 25 years of success. It connects young people to supporting adults and likeminded peers, through mutual interest exploration.


    B-Unbound allows each of us to discover our own meaning, so that we can live our lives to the fullest.


    If you’re ready to see yourself in your community, to navigate the world on your terms, join us!


    WHAT IS B-Unbound?

    B-Unbound is a community platform that connects youth (ages 14-24) with supportive adults and peers navigating their way through shared interests. It is youth-driven, adult-supported, and operates in parallel to school systems.


    View video and sign-up below!



    Become a Supportive Adult- (25+): Click Here


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