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    About Us

    We are a large dealer and installer in folding doors, here in South OC, with over 25+ years experience in interior design and construction. We can provide a simple door install or a full remodel.

    Folding Glass, Multi Slide, Accordion, French, and BiFold Doors and Windows

    The Folding Door Store was born to make your dream achievable. Live that dream- transform your space, relax and let the breeze sweep in.

    Feel the exhilarating experience of wide-open spaces free from boundaries, and join the new lifestyle of living in harmony with your surroundings. We are led by the spirit of innovation, quality, performance and commitment to excellence.

    The Folding Door Store provides you with the best patio doors with an approach to carefree living. The doors open up to wide open spaces, obscuring the thin line between an interior space and an exterior landscape. Our doors provide homeowners superb access to their immediate surroundings be it a patio, a gazebo, a swimming pool, a garden, or even an orchard. We offer extensive selections of the three fundamental types of patio doors including:

    The Folding Door Store doesn’t only offer superb doors but amazing windows as well. We can take care of any of your window needs and styles with a large selection of window options :

    Awning windows, Bay windows, Bow windows, Casement windows, Double-hung windows, Fixed windows, Garden windows, Single-hung windows & Sliding windows

    Our Vision is to be your One Stop Shop for Patio Doors & Windows with the largest selection and variety to choose from. Don’t settle for anything less.


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    Gallery Image Centor_205_Integrated_Folding_Door_%E2%80%93_Portland_OR_%E2%80%93_01.jpg
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    Rep/Contact Info

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    Jen Pliska
    Lead Designer, Sales Representative
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