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About the PAC

Business for a Better San Clemente
Political Action Committee (BBSC-PAC)

The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce’s Business for a Better San Clemente Political Action Committee (BBSC-PAC) is a committee of the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce, composed of Chamber members appointed by the Chairman of the Board. The BBSC-PAC is not affiliated with any political party. The Chamber welcomes any interested member in good standing to contact the Chairman regarding participation in the BBSC-PAC committee.


The primary purpose of the BBSC-PAC is to recommend actions to the San Clemente Chamber’s Board of Directors advocating for the local political interests of the San Clemente business community, particularly the election of San Clemente City Council members. Prior to local elections, the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce and BBSC-PAC typically host a candidate forum, providing the public with an opportunity to get to know the candidates for city council.


The BBSC-PAC has partnered with the non-profit, non-partisan organization First Amendment Voice (FAV), whose goal is to promote civic engagement and an understanding of the first amendment. FAV is a co-sponsor of the candidate forums but is not involved in the candidate endorsement process.