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Environmental Education

The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of San Clemente, has launched a multi-faceted environmental education program to provide local businesses and the public with resources on how to comply with California's newest environmental organic recycling requirements (SB1383), via the following steps:

  1. The program kicked-off in 2023 with a visit to CR&R's "digester" where select restaurant owners/operators and community leaders received a visual of how organics are converted into clean transportation fuel.
  2. Next, a special presentation outlined how the community can support and implement food waste recycling regulations.
  3. Then, a Green Team task force was formed. The team produced fun and useful educational videos:
    • promotional video
    • instructional video for businesses
  4. Soon, 200 businesses in San Clemente will receive custom starter packs for their kitchens.
  5. Finally, a Sustainable Leader window cling will be presented to the local businesses who have committed to supporting organic recycling best practices.


To learn more about how you can support the chamber's Environmental Education program, contact us!